Exploring a Sense of Place guidebook will help you with your own process of discovery and reconnection with the natural world where you live. This book will inspire you and give you all the practical tools you need to design, develop, organize, and produce an Exploring a Sense of Place program specific to your bioregion. 

If you are alarmed by the ongoing devastation of the natural world and are seeking a healthy way to respond, there is no better guidebook than Exploring a Sense of Place. Here you will learn how to create new patterns in your life that lead to more intimate relationships with our enveloping, living communities. In the long run, it is just this move from industrial separation to intimate communion that will bring forth, once again, a vibrant Earth community.
— Brian Swimme

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Exploring a Sense of Place guidebook — 96 pages, Illustrated, 8.5×12 in spiral bound, $25


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