Exploring a Sense of Place produced, for a time, a newsletter called Seasons. It began in the spring of 2007, and was published four times a year, in conjunction with the spring and fall equinox and summer and winter solstice. Each issue brought information on what to look for in the upcoming season, poetry, photography and other art inspired by nature, opportunities to get involved with Exploring a Sense of Place, and upcoming events along with the latest news from the organization.

Asking for your seasonal observations:

Though no longer published, we thought you might enjoy reading back issues, and perhaps get some ideas for how you might contribute to a new, seasonal forum of shared observations in these pages. We would like to post articles relating to a sense of place where you are. This would be a forum that would connect us and help sharpen our awareness of the delights, subtleties, and beauty of each season in our own and in various bioregions. Over time, together we can weave a tapestry that could deepen our experience of place, and connect us with one another. The more who participate, the more intricate the tapestry will be.

We invite your participation! Please send your (preferably brief) seasonal observations and photos to newsletter@exploringsenseofplace.org. Please include your name and location (tell us if you want only your first name used,) and we will post them as space and relevancy allow.

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