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If you are alarmed by the ongoing devastation of the natural world and are seeking a healthy way to respond, there is no better guidebook than Exploring a Sense of Place. Here you will learn how to create new patterns in your life that lead to more intimate relationships with our enveloping, living communities. In the long run, it is just this move from industrial separation to intimate communion that will bring forth, once again, a vibrant Earth community.

–Brian Swimme

Brian Swimme is a mathematical cosmologist researching the nature of evolutionary dynamics in the universe at the California Institute of Integral Studies.Inner and Outer Compass

We are slowly recognizing that the failure to understand and revere place has unleashed a toxic assault on the conditions and communities of life that are the very umbilical cord to our own human existence. This recognition cannot happen quickly enough, not only for our physical survival, but also for the survival of our human souls. Reawakening our inherent spiritual, psychological and bodily bonds to Earth and place is now a necessity. This guide, Exploring a Sense of Place, is a remarkable inner and outer compass for helping any community anywhere rediscover the ground of its being and its roadmap to any future worth living.

–Miriam Therese MacGillis

Miriam Therese MacGillis is a Dominican sister and co-founder of Genesis Farm, an Earth Literacy Center in northwestern New Jersey.

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