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We are finally learning that fundamental experiences of the natural world are inherent necessities for us to reason clearly and shape a fulfilling course of human affairs. How to recover this elementary contact with the natural world is the subject of Exploring a Sense of Place. It is a wonderful example of the Great Work.

-Thomas Berry

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Exploring a Sense of Place guidebook will help you with your own process of discovery and reconnection with the natural world where you live. This book will inspire you and give you all the practical tools you need to design, develop, organize, and produce an Exploring a Sense of Place program specific to your bioregion.

Inside this book:

  • Meaning of sense of place
  • Steps to designing your own program with on-the-ground-examples
  • Sample course proposal
  • Worksheets and tips
  • Deepening materials
  • Sample flyers, ads, and notebook materials
  • Resource books, videos, and websites

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Exploring a Sense of Place guidebook
96 pages, Illustrated, 8.5×12 in spiral bound, $25, ISBN 0-9786851-0-5


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