Local Seasonal and Organic Food

Posted on Monday 10 August 2009

Our speaker on Monday, September 7 will be Drew Harwell who is a naturalist, educator and organic gardener. He has a BA from Prescott College in Environmental Restoration and was trained in nature awareness and regenerative design at the Regenerative Design Institute. He is the garden manager of the Common Ground Demonstration Garden and chef Jesse Cool’s Seeds of Change garden. He has worked with children, teens and adults in nature and garden settings for over 13 years. His style of mentoring is to help students explore nature through their individual passions and creativity. Whether he is working in the garden or wandering in the hills, Drew’s passion is connecting people to the healing powers of

On Saturday, September 12 we will get to enjoy many aspects of Hidden Villa, a 1,600 acre farm and wilderness preserve. We will start the morning with Drew Harwell who will guide us on a short walk while we learn about edible native plants and the foods of the Ohlones. Next Jason McKenney will escort us through Hidden Villa’s gardens and we will learn about the farm’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.

To prepare us for lunch we will be lead in a food meditation. Jesse Cool will then tell us the story of running a restaurant/catering business using using local and organic ingredients and paying workers a living wage while we enjoy a delightful lunch prepared by CoolEatz.

After lunch Walt Hayes will give us a tour of the Wolken Education Center and tell us about its many sustainable features.

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